Hi 👋, I am Ian Bog'Ste

A former SDE turned to Engineering Manager


About me

Photo Credit: Lucia B.

Photo Credit: Lucia B.

Hi there 👋,

I am Ian Bog’Ste.

You’ll have to know that I am a seasoned Software Development / Engineering Manager, having a strong Customer focus, with over 10 years of experience building Cloud Web and Enterprise-scale Applications in cross-industry (Financial Services, Retail, Automotive, Manufacturing and Public Sector) landscapes.

Recently, I have passionately engaged in:

Previously, I was engaged (multi-yearly) in enabling Nearshore Delivery for the same Employer, focusing on e-Commerce implementations using SAP Commerce Cloud. If you’re curious about my full Work Experience, have a peek at my Professional Experience section below.

Passionate about Programming, Science, Technology (in general) and everything Internet-related.

Hobbies or other Interests:

Photography, Video Games (PC), Reading (SyFy, Fantasy and Non-Fiction), Poker Strategy

Professional Experience

Interested in my Professional background?

Here is a copy of my Resume. If you fancy LinkedIn, under Social Networking below is a link.

Social Networking

Below are links on how one can get ahold of me:

LinkedIn | GitHub | Keybase | Mastodon | Twitter


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